I was simply very lucky to be born in Rome.

My second stroke of good luck is that we had a vegetable garden, fresh grapes in front of the door and fruit trees, such as Japanese medlar, sour cherries (which kept the birds happy), apricots and figs. And another stroke of luck was that as a child I was always allowed to cook with my grandma at lunchtime after school. Flour, water and a little salt – I was fascinated at how something completely new could be made out of two or three ingredients and some skill. These were my first insights into Italian cuisine. I know it’s a cliché, but it’s true. Even then, I preferred to spend my time in the garden or at the stove.

But I also wanted to see the world! At the age of 16, I did my first hotel internship Cape Town, South Africa. And the journey carried on. I attended the Hotel Management School in Lucerne, lived and cooked in Strasbourg, Hamburg, Aachen, Cologne, Munich, Ravenna and Taormina. Ten years as a journeyman chef sounds romantic, doesn’t it? Yes and no – not everything was great and easy every day. Definitely not. But I still benefit from this time today.

After literally travelling through the kitchens of Europe, I got lucky again, and became an editor, chef and food stylist at a Hamburg publishing house. For 20 years, I invented recipes in the test kitchen for food magazines, such as “essen & trinken” and organised culinary tours. Once again, I was able to peer into the pots of fellow chefs from all across Europe and get to know the best producers.

After 10 years as a journeyman chef and 20 years as an editor, now, with my accumulated knowledge and hopefully another little bit of luck, I’m starting as a “Cloud Chef” on the free market as a chef and food stylist.

As a chef I’ll be there for anyone who wants to learn something new about food, whether it’s food pairing, the accompanying wines or going to a market together. You’ll learn step by step with me. From cost planning and shopping, to perfect timing for the various working steps in the kitchen – from the mind to the stomach. I’ll come by, with pots and pans and knife pouch. We’ll combine your culinary wishes with my capabilities. With a steady hand and careful cuts, we’ll slowly but surely reach our goal – fun, enjoyment and knowledge – and finally eating! It could be a quick lunch, cooking with children, a dinner with the mother-in-law, a table for 10 people.

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